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    Hyvest goes Racing - F61 Product Launch

    The much anticipated National Launch alongside, our exciting new distribution partnership with AutoCycle Centre took place at various venues throughout the country during the week of 22-25 October. In attendance in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, were over 150 Dealers representing a large portion of the South African Motorcycle dealer network!
    The build up to the launch had been one of incredible excitement and anticipation as to the reception we would get from some of the most knowledgable members of the industry, but suffice to say, we were warmly greeted and received with open arms!! The nights all went without hiccup, and the responses were absolutely amazing, with compliments on the packaging, Corporate Image and overall range being bandied about post haste! We were particularly impressed with the outstanding feedback and reception we experienced in Durban, with the dealers showing almost as much excitement as us on the night.
    Establishing credibility with the crowd, by informing them as to the backup support, history and magnitude of the Hyvest Group, along with the many years of experience and gathering of intellectual property from some of the largest and most successful international brands in the industry, as well as our contract manufacturing agreements in place with these brands, went a long way to putting the audiences minds at ease! Our intense Research and Development and collaboration hereof, with a number of South Africa’s top factory racing teams over the past couple of years, as well as our recently achieved National Championships in various classes, went far in establishing us as a new brand on the South African market, who has serious intentions of bringing new and innovative, locally produced products of international quality to our motorcycling community in SA.
    Our new and innovative products, such as the Performance Leather and Fabric Protector, the Chain Wax and the Spilpak products, drew particular attention after a few daring and entertaining demonstrations were performed, with animated interest shown by the crowd, which just goes to show that a presentation with a demonstration is a must in being able to successfully garner interest and orders, of which quite a few were concluded on the various nights.
    The launches have been done, the products have been put into our distribution channels…..now comes the marketing and activation of the range. Our plans are to show presence at events, run a full social media platform, conduct brand activations at retail level and continue to be involved with the country’s best race teams, inspiring those mass riders to want to be part of a winning team, which we have no doubt will be the path that the F61 Performance Products range will take!
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